2013 – Vatican – 10 € Gold “Vacant Holy See” PROOF

2013 – Vatican – 10 € Gold “Vacant Holy See” PROOF


Gold coin, Proof.

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Gold coin, Proof.
On 11 February 2013 the Holy Father Benedict XVI announced his decision to renounce the Petrine ministry as from 20:00 hours on 28 February 2013. On 13 March 2013 the Cardinal Electors, gathered for the conclave, chose Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the 266th Successor of Peter. During the period of the vacancy of the Apostolic See (Sede Vacante), the ordinary governance was assured by the Apostolic Camera, presided over by the Cardinal Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church, and composed of the Vice-Camerlengo and the Prelate Clerics. A historical memory of this transition for the Holy Roman Church and a tangible sign of continuity is the exercise of the right to mint coins of the Sede Vacante. This tradition has historical roots going back to the 14th century and later became a custom after the death of Leo X in 1521. Depicted on the obverse of coin is a dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit and the words VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS (Come, Holy Spirit). On the reverse is the coat of arms of the Camerlengo and above it the symbol of the Apostolic Camera and the words “Città del Vaticano” and “Sede Vacante MMXXIII”.

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